Options Education offers students handcrafted pathways to study in Australia. We carefully select our partner institutions to ensure each student is on the right track to success. Our expert team will guide you in making the right decision for your future.

International study is a rewarding experience. With some of the world’s top tertiary institutions, studying in Australia will allow you to meet and exceed your educational goals. It will further enrich your cultural understanding and provide you with excellent post-graduation opportunities.

Since 2009, our expert team has employed a hands-on, student-centric approach in assisting with international study. We will help you in program identification and course counselling, in university and visa applications, and continue to assist you with extensive on-ground support. We understand students are diverse, therefore we always tailor our pathways to suit individual student goals.

Our dedicated team in Kenya and Australia can provide assistance for all stages of the application process, to both on- and off-shore students, and at all tertiary entry-levels. We understand the difficulty in studying away from home, therefore we make each student a priority. We will ensure that your student experience is as smooth and as rewarding as it should be.

At Options Education, your success is our success. We will provide you with the best information and expert advice, and we will ensure you receive continued support through all stages of this exciting journey. Your path to success begins right now.

Meet Helen Meria

Welcome to Options Education.

Meet Helen Meria—she is the founder and Managing Director of Options Education Agency. Helen founded Options Education in 2009 and has been assisting international students in beginning and adjusting to life in Australia ever since. She is committed to providing you with the right information, advice and support to ensure you exceed your study goals.

Helen understands that study away from home is a challenging yet ultimately rewarding journey. She underwent the process of immigration herself when she embarked on a professional adventure to Australia. This adventure has now become her passion and her career.

Helen today is an entrepreneur, international advocate and an active member of her community. She believes in the great opportunities Australia has to offer. With this belief firmly in mind, she started Options Education Agency. She now thrives on providing guidance to all students who have left their homes in order to succeed internationally.

Helen is passionate about the attention and care you will receive from Options Education Agency, and proud of the lasting relationship she will create with you. Helen and the team at Options Education are committed to providing you with a unique, handcrafted approach to education. They will ensure you are equipped with all the tools necessary to reach your full potential.

Options Education Agency carefully selects their partnering tertiary institutions, giving you the best opportunities available in Australia. With a thorough knowledge of the Australian education and migration framework, Helen and the team are ready to answer all of your questions.

If you’d like to learn more about Helen and what the team at Options Education can do for you, contact us now


Our Team


Irma Javier

Office Manager / International Coordinator


Katrina Suzara

International Coordinator


Milly Sharon C

Regional Manager Western
(Eldoret, Kenya)


Millicent Jemutai

Student Counsellor
(Nairobi, Kenya)


Dennis Otieno

Student Counsellor
(Eldoret, Kenya)


Oluwaseyi Areo

Country Manager
(Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria)


Viola Chelimo

Student Support Officer
(Eldoret, Kenya)