General Questions

Can I change my course to another area of study?

You will need to discuss this with your current provider as the policies and procedures vary for international students. In most cases, you are restricted from transferring your course during the first six months of the program. If you want to change before completing the first six months of your program, you must apply to your current provider for their permission. If they agree, you will be issued a release letter.

Where can I find a part-time job?

A condition of your student visa limits you to working a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during semester time. To look for a job, you can use job search engines or visit individual company websites where they advertise their employment vacancies. Below are listed two popular Australian job search engines.

I don’t like my accommodation and I would like to move. How do I do this?

You will need to check the terms and conditions on the lease agreement that you have signed and move forward according to the lease agreement.

How can I find shared accommodation?

There are several accommodation options for international students in Australia. These include: a homestay with an Australian family, renting privately, short term temporary accommodation, and on-campus / unilodge shared accommodation. Many students book temporary accommodation when they first arrive in Australia. We recommend you book between 2-4 weeks of temporary accommodation prior to your arrival and commencement of your course. Once you have attended the orientation, you will be given information about local accommodation options. Other students choose to share a rental house or apartment with other students as this reduces costs. It is advisable to secure accommodation with easy access to public transportation. For accommodation availability, you can check local newspapers and websites. Two of these websites are listed below.

What assistance does Options Education Agency provide?

OPTIONS has a team of experienced counsellors that can provide advice on the best possible courses and education provider to suit your qualifications and your interest of study. After we receive all of the required documents, we assess and submit the application to the education provider for their further assessment.

Continuing Education in Australia

Can I get a scholarship from my University?

Some providers offer scholarships. You will need to check with your provider, or discuss it with your program counsellor.

I would like to change to a course that can get me a Permanent Residency (PR) visa. Which course do you suggest I take?

While OPTIONS understands that the prospect of an Australian Permanent Residency visa acts as an incentive to study particular courses, we encourage students to choose courses in their areas of interest in order to get the most out of their study experience. You will be able to discuss this during your sessions with our program counsellors.

I have completed my current course and would like to enrol in another one but my previous IELTS result has expired. Do I need to sit the IELTS test again?

It will depend on your provider. Some providers may require you to sit for an IELTS test depending on the course program you wish to enrol in. Others may not require this if you can provide your academic transcript and completion certificate.

How can I lodge my university application through Options Education Agency? When can I lodge the application?

The first university semester begins in February and the second semester commences in July. We encourage students to submit applications at least four months prior to commencing the course program. This will be sufficient time to process the application and student visa lodgment. You will be required to submit original copies or certified true copies of the following: your valid passport, academic transcripts, and completion certificate of your highest educational attainment. In some cases, an IELTS test result is also required.

How can I transfer to another institution before I finish my current study?

The same process for changing your course applies to transferring institutions. You will need to discuss this with your current provider. In most cases, you are restricted from transferring to another provider during the first six months of the program. If you want to transfer before completing the first six months of your program, you must apply to your current provider for their permission. If they agree, you will be issued a release letter.

Is it possible to obtain a credit transfer before my results are published?

A credit transfer will be assessed upon submission of the completion certificate and final academic transcripts. Some providers are able to provide conditional exemptions based on the interim transcripts provided.

Is it possible to get credit for previous study?

If you have completed previous tertiary studies, you may apply for credit toward your course. You will need to present the course syllabus from your previous study when you apply to the university so that they can assess your eligibility.

Can I apply to go to University if I completed a TAFE diploma?

Yes. TAFE diplomas are recognised by the majority of the universities. TAFE also offers programs that can act as an alternative pathway to an undergraduate degree.

Extending / Renewing a Student Visa

How do I calculate the funds I need to present to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) if I am going to renew my student visa soon?

International students are required to show access to sufficient funds to support their cost of living, return airfare to country of origin, and tuition fees. For further information, please visit the DIBP website (

If I decide to transfer to a degree program at university after six months of diploma study, what should I do with my visa?

Your visa subclass is decided according to the education sector of your program course. If you change to a degree program, you should change your visa category.

Can I lodge an application to extend my student visa if my previous student visa has expired?

As an international student, application for visa extension should be lodged prior to expiry date to avoid penalty. A valid visa is required for you to remain legally in Australia.

How can I apply to extend/renew my visa in Australia?

If you are an onshore student, OPTIONS can lodge your visa extension/renewal application online. Please contact the OPTIONS office to discuss the requirements of this further.

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